This bike is a complete race ready unit. No expense was spared in it's rebuilding. Lets start with the paint, 2 part Centari enamel. The fork tubes have been re hardchromed, new bronze bushes and Teflon rings in the lower sliders along with seals and wipers. The motor has been totally re-done by myself, 2nd over Mahle piston (just try to find one) new rod and fully balanced. The trans is perfect with not a wear spot in any gear. All new seals and gaskets. A new upgraded sintered bronze clutch pack has been installed (these plates are available only through us) along with new springs and NOS steel plates. The wheels are Morads made of the old Akront dies along with stainless HD spokes. The carburetor sports all new parts including a new slide and has been upgraded to the newer style parts. New Dunlop tires with HD Bridgestone tubes, not the wimpy plastic bag type. The pipe is a Dutch power unit from Europe, these pipes develop awesome power in all rpm ranges. The seat consists of a new base, foam and cover along with new hardware. The plastic is new aftermarket. Ignition is a new, yes that's right a new Motoplat. The controls are NOS Magura and the cables are the best there is from Venhill in the UK ( we are the distributor for Venhill) we are also the distributors for Falcon shocks so it would not seem right to put on anything else. As Falcons are custom built to match riders weights and abilities I did these for a 180 lb. rider running in the intermediate level. All the nuts, bolts and washers are new with new nylocks. Virtually every part has been replaced in most cases with original Maico parts. What else can I say, if you think about it its been done, and the funny marks on the front of the tank are not dents its the reflection of the forks, that's how shiny the paint is. I would have put this in the restoration section but to be truthful I think a restoration has to be all original parts and this is a pure race bike that will run with anything in its class. All in all its a lot of bike and for $6500.00 it can be yours.

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