1981 Maico 400

When was the last time you saw one of these, probably never. Produced in limited numbers. This is a perfect bike for the "Post Vintage Class" racing scene. Why's that you ask? here's the answer. Today we do not have the large GP style tracks of yesteryear. The larger size motors like the 490's are not able to be used to their full capacity as such they struggle a bit with the tight twisties of our new age tracks. Not so the 400, it can be ridden at next to full capacity and outperform the larger size motors and not beat up the rider. Plus It still has all the suspension travel of it's larger brother.

Lets talk about the bike. I personally rebuilt the motor, it has a new crank, all new bearings and seals. The cases have been ultra sonically cleaned. It has been rebored and is using a Mahle copy piston with the Dykes ring. The clutch pak is new as are the primary chains. I went through the transmission and honed every gear for nice crisp easy shifting. It has all new sprockets and chain. I built the wheels, the drums have been recut and is fitted with oversize brake shoes that are hand fitted. The brakes are just amazing. The spokes are polished stainless steel and the fronts are 9 gauge and the rears are 8 gauge, the rims are new production Morads made in Spain. The frame was stripped to bare metal and epoxy primed and several coats of catalized Urethane enamel applied. It has a Dutch power pipe and the carb is the correct type Bing that has been jetted correctly for sea level. It has all new controls and cables. I installed a new Clarke tank and the graphics are made by us and are the vented type to allow them to breath and not fall off. There is lots of life left in the tires and the suspension units are the wide body Falcons and are sprung and valved to accommodate a rider of up to 200 Lbs. They can be re valved very easily if needed.


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