This particular bike has been built with a GS 490 frame. The wheels are Excel rims with heavy duty stainless steel spokes. The rear rim is a 19" for better tire selection. The hubs are NOS parts as are the internal brake parts, the front and rear brake plates are the billet  Euro type and are gold anodized. I installed the piggy back Falcon shock absorbers and a Dutch power pipe with an original Maico silencer. The motor has been stripped, inspected and put through the ultra sonic parts cleaner.  It has a new rod kit and balanced crank, second over piston, all new high quality "clearanced bearings". The primary chains were replaced as well as the friction and steel clutch plates..  I've installed the later type external rotor ignition that is standard on the new Maicos. The tank is an original 83 piece that has been painted with two part urethane enamel to match the rest of the plastic and frame. The fork tubes are NOS pieces as are the triple clamps and these are from an '83 model. I used Renthall desert bend bars with new Magura controls and Maico specific cables. Front and rear sprockets are from Talon and the rear is the original Maico type pattern. The seat is new as is the foam and base and seat mounting hardware. A new airbox has been fitted as well as all new hardware and filter. The carburettor is a rebuilt  Bing  and has been jetted to sea level. I topped this off with a new production OEM style shift lever, new production kick knuckle and an original top lever and my stainless steel rear brake rod assembly. All of the little extra pieces like chain adjusters, brake actuator arms, springs, clips etc are original Maico pieces.
It has been started and heat cycled twice and is ready for a new home. For more details please email.


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