This started life as a 1973 Wheel Smith frame that I had laying around. I wanted to build something a little different and we had tried this motor combination on a '77 AW that worked very well. The frame was missing the forks so I line bored the triple clamps to take 38mm fork tubes from a '76 AW. These I re-valved to factory race specs. I won't go into the full details of the motor but I can say it is a re-sleeved 1980 440 cylinder to accept the 504 sleeve. I'm running the standard 1973 style crank and a big clutch with my sintered bronze clutch plates. The carb is a 40mm Bing and the ignition is an HP unit. I'm experimenting with a CDI box that has an advance curve rather than using a fixed ignition timing. The pipe is a Canuck Power Pipe and as you can see it tucks in nicely out of the way. The rear wheel is from an '82 that I re-machined to fit the early swing arm, I wanted the benefit of a cross 2 cross 3 spoke pattern for strength because of the phenomenal torque this motor makes. The rear end is controlled by a set of vintage 32mm Falcon Shocks and has a full floater rear brake setup. As you can see in the picture of the tank it tucks in nicely at the rear and does not have any protrusions to dig into your inner thighs. Its just a blast to ride although not a true "vintage" race bike it can run in the sportsman class and is just a lot of fun.  

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