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MAICO Graphics
We have a very extensive inventory of all MAICO graphics.  This includes the gold-foil, winged rider and the M-style early tank graphics.  Also available is the warning labels that were applied to the early tanks and late tanks.  We also have a vented graphic for the plastic tank versions (see bottom left).  This vented graphic will not blister and fall off under any condition or time frame. All our graphics are exact duplicates of the originals made with HD laminated vinyl and will give years of trouble free use.  Please note that all MAICO graphics are registered trademarks owned by Canadian Maico.  Graphic Example 
For other examples of our graphics refer to our restoration page or Maicos for sale page.  If you don't find what you're looking for please contact us for information.

We now have to ability to make primary chains for all models in any length. In addition, the 1971-77 models had a 54 pitch chain while the 1978-82 had a 52 pitch chain. If you want to adapt a 81 2 row clutch to those older models we can provide the chain. Call for prices.

Cylinder Liners
for the 83-84 490

Cylinder Liners
for the 81-82 490

Cylinder Liners
for the 81 250

Air Filters
European made

Clutch Baskets
new manufactured 1981-82 / 490 Clutch Baskets. Call for prices.

4 speed transmission gears
New Production U and U1 4 speed transmission gears
. Call for prices.

Dutch Power Pipes for '81 250 and 490
2 types available for the '81 a torque pipe and a GP pipe for higher RPM power delivery.
Call for prices.

Euro Made Pistons
ingle Dykes ring, pin and clips, full and half sizes available for all years. Call for pricing.

This are the new style rear sprocket without the multi hole drilling made specifically for us. They are available for all years for $69.50 in all sizes. Backing plate pricing is available upon request.

All prices are in US dollars

* 75-82 12, 13, 14 tooth are $32.95

* 82 and up 12, 13, 14 tooth are $32.95

* Rears all years 54, 56, 58 tooth are $69.50

Shipping and handling is extra depending on location.


Wheels, Rims & Spokes
These rims are made on the old Akront dies under a new name. Manufactured to the same quality and tolerances these should satisfy any serious racer or collector, also available are the shouldered style early Akronts as well as the original "Radaelli" rims in either chromed steel or polished stainless, call for pricing.


Frame Number Plates
For the restorer who wants everything perfect we have the original number and letter stamps in metric and will duplicate the messed up originals with new plates numbered to your old plates. Just e-mail the frame numbers you want duplicated The cost is $45 plus $10 return post.


Kick Knuckles 1975-82
Lots of them! $109.95 each


Chain Adjusters
For early and late models. These are exact duplicates of originals with tin coating. $24.95 per pair includes adjuster nuts.


Billet Backing Plates
These are
from Europe and are high quality billet items with bronze bushings and steel pivot pins. These will fit all year Maico's and have an interchangeable pin to fit the 81 or earlier frames front is $179.95 and the rear is $179.95. Very nice pieces!


Stainless Steel Brake Rods
1970 to 74 and 77 to 84 stainless steel brake rods @ $69.95 complete with aircraft quality heim joint. OEM spec metric threads that are rolled cut ( like a spoke ) not die cut which produces an uneven thread pitch on small diameter rod. Very high quality items.


Ignition Covers
77-95 cast aluminum ignition covers US $89.95


We strive to maintain a comprehensive parts inventory to satisfy the most devout enthusiast, our parts inventory is too extensive and constantly changing to maintain an up to the minute list. Our goal is to have the parts that see the most service and require replacement more often than others as well as to offer the original parts if at all possible. As you know the supply of Maico parts is finite and the use of "aftermarket " parts is unavoidable in some instances.
Don't be fooled by slick looking websites promising parts that don't exist and prices from the 70's and paying up front for parts that are on back order never to be delivered. We have the parts you need.

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